£400,000 'urgent' government funding given to support Jersey's dairy farmers

The funding has been given to help Jersey dairy farms respond to 'unprecedented costs' they face this year. Credit: ITV Channel Television

Jersey's government is giving £400,000 of 'urgent funding' to support the island's dairy sector.

It's in response to 'unprecedented costs' facing farmers following extremely hot weather and global supply chain issues.

The one-off payment was approved by Jersey's Economic Development Minister, Deputy Kirsten Morel, using underspends from his department's budget.

Deputy Morel said: “This intervention is timely and targeted, and is necessary to ensure the dairy industry’s viability in the short term. We know that farmers have been under significant pressure over recent months with significant increases in the costs of fuel and feed and drought conditions over the summer months.”

“This money will be used to help manage the shock of the cost of feed importation, which will have to be managed throughout the coming winter, it is an important interim measure while we work to secure more long-term security for our rural economy.”

Last month, a similar package of support was given to dairy farmers by Guernsey's government, worth £486,000.