Guernsey seasonal speed limits and parking restrictions change from October

Some speed limits across Guernsey will increase from 25mph to 35 mph until the end of May 2023. Credit: ITV Channel Television

The speed limits on some of Guernsey's coastal roads are being increased during the winter months.

Every summer, the 35mph is lowered to 25mph in busier areas where there are likely to be more pedestrians.

But from Saturday 1 October, new seasonal speed limits, parking zones and changes to the flow of traffic come into effect.

These changes will be in place until May 2023 as there are viewer visitors over the winter.

Speed limits

On the Vazon coast road, the speed limit between the Martello Tower and the road to Fort Houmet will increase from 25mph to 35mph.

The same change will also come in alongside Rocquane Bay - on Route De la Lague and Route De Rocquaine - for the same period of time.

The speed limit on the Vazon coast road will go up to 35mph from October 1 until May 31. Credit: ITV Channel Television


21 parking spaces along the South Esplanade will change from a two-hour limit to a 10-hour limit, allowing motorists to park there during the workday.

The spaces at La Valette between the Horseshoe Pool and the Ladies Bathing Pool are also changing to a 10-hour limit.

They will revert to a two-hour limit from 1 May 2023.

Direction of traffic

The summer one-way restriction on Petit Bot Road and La Rue des Pages will be removed, with the road becoming two-way again until 31 May 2023.