When will King Charles appear on Jersey pound notes and coins?

The most recent updates to Jersey notes went into circulation in 2010. Credit: ITV Channel Television

Jersey's government has confirmed new notes and coins will be issued with King Charles III's face on them but says the process is likely to take several years.

The island's Treasury Minister, Deputy Ian Gorst, says it'll be a gradual process to phase out the existing currency to reflect the change in monarch.

He says there was no pre-existing plan to update Jersey's currency in the event of the Queen's death, as the notes and coins already in circulation remain legal tender.

Jersey's notes and coins were last updated in 2010.

Deputy Gorst said the island may choose to adopt a 'collaborative approach' between the island and the other Crown Dependencies before introducing any updated currency.

The government also added that any changes would be in line with guidance issued by the UK Treasury.

As Jersey's Treasury Minister, Deputy Gorst holds the power to issue new currency in Jersey, as well as sign off on the final design of the new notes and coins going into circulation.

However, any redesign of currency is likely to include consultation with islanders before the final designs are concluded.