More islanders in Jersey eligible for autumn Covid-19 booster vaccination

A Covid-19 vaccine
Autumn Covid-19 booster jabs are now available to anyone over the age of 50. Credit: ITV Channel Television

More islanders in Jersey are eligible for the autumn Covid-19 booster jab as it continues to be rolled out.

Anyone in Jersey over the age of 50, or who is a registered carer can now book an appointment to receive their next dose of the vaccine.

As of 27 September 2022, Jersey's autumn booster programme is now open to those who are:

  • aged 50 and over

  • aged 5-49 in a clinical risk group

  • aged 5-49 and live with someone who is immunosuppressed

  • care home residents or staff

  • health or social care workers

  • aged 16-49 and a registered carer

Vaccinations can be booked online or by calling the island's coronavirus helpline on 0800 735 5566.