People in Guernsey take to court steps to protest 'Amendment 8' anti-discrimination loophole

  • ITV Channel reporter Kate Prout speaks to some of the protesters gathered outside Guernsey's Royal Court

States Members have started debating Guernsey's long-awaited anti-discrimination law - but there is anger from some who have called potential changes "a disgrace that shames the island".

Protestors have been out in force arguing against 'Amendment 8', a proposed loophole that, if approved, would allow small businesses to be exempt from protecting people with disabilities and their carers.

Rob Platts, from the Guernsey Disability Alliance (GDA), explained their opposition to the controversial amendment.

He said: "The proposers didn't speak to the 13,500 disabled people or the 600 carers, nor did they contact the GDA or Carers Guernsey who represent those people.

"The other thing is it's very late. To do it now, although they have every right to, is poor governance and I don't support that at all."

These changes were put forward by Deputies Chris Blin and David De Lisle.

In the amendment, they wrote: "Guernsey has many locally owned and managed small businesses.

"This will reduce the financial and management pressures for businesses with five employees or less which are too small to absorb the impact of these changes."

The debate continues on Thursday 29 September.