Flight paths over Jersey being changed to reduce environmental impact

Jersey Airport Runway
Flight paths are being altered to minimise the amount of time aircraft spend flying over the island, reducing noise and CO2 emissions. Credit: ITV Channel Television

Flights arriving and departing from Jersey Airport will take a new more efficient route to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The new flight paths use satellite navigation to cut the corner taken when planes approach Jersey, meaning less CO2 will be produced.

Flights going over the island will now veer north over Trinity rather than continuing on towards St Martin, while flights over St Ouen's Bay will no longer pass over Alderney or as close to Sark.

Plans showing the new flight paths to and from runways 26 and 08 at Jersey Airport Credit: Ports of Jersey

The change is part of Ports of Jersey's plans to reduce the environmental impact of air travel to and from the island.

Air Traffic Controller, Mike Stephens, says it will reduce disruption for islanders by minimising the amount of time aircraft spend above Jersey:

"These new procedures will reduce the track distances flown by aircraft in and out of Jersey Airport and enable more fuel-efficient climb and descent profiles. This will reduce environmental impacts like noise and CO2 emissions.”

The changes are due to be introduced early next year.