Politicians unanimously approve Guernsey's new anti-discrimination law

Campaigners took to the steps outside Guernsey's court building calling for the long-awaited law to be approved Credit: ITV Channel Television

States members have unanimously approved Guernsey's new anti-discrimination law.

After a debate lasting several days, 16 amendments were voted on before the legislation was agreed on.

A controversial amendment from Deputy Chris Blin which would have allowed businesses with five employees or fewer not to comply with the law was thrown out on Friday afternoon.

  • Deputy Peter Roffey told ITV Channel he's 'delighted' the controversial Amendment 8 was thrown out.

Deputy Peter Roffey chairs the Employment and Social Security Committee which proposed the law:

"Small businesses will have their limited resources taken into account and deeming what alterations to procedures we may have to make.

"I think it was really frightening the horses, I think there were a lot of people out there that felt that this was really watering down the law in a way that was against everything they were promised so I'm delighted it was heavily defeated."

33 Deputies voted in favour of the anti-discrimination law and none against it. Seven States members were absent.