Plans for £24 million overhaul of Alderney Airport to be voted on by politicians

The runway, terminal building and fire station at Alderney Airport will be replaced, if Guernsey's States Members agree. Credit: ITV Channel Television

£24 million plans to overhaul Alderney Airport with an extended runway and new terminal building will be voted on by Guernsey's States Members.

The plans have been formally put forward by Guernsey's Policy & Resources Committee and the States Trading Supervisory Board, which handles the day-to-day running of the airfield.

Under the scheme - which was originally proposed as 'Option C+' - Alderney's runway would be extended and widened, the on-site fire station renovated, and a new terminal building constructed.

The current airport buildings are more than 50 years old.

The cost of the project is double the £12 million previously agreed by the States in 2019 to widen and resurface Alderney's runway, but the committees say the plans 'represent better value in the long-term' as the extra expense would eventually be offset by 'operational savings'.

It is also hoped the work will provide "more resilient air links" and "future proof the airport for potential changes to international aviation regulations".

Ports bosses previously said that Option C+ presented "the best value for money" as it would allow larger aircraft to operate in and out of Alderney, meaning the £2 million annual subsidy Guernsey provides to keep Alderney Airport running could be reduced to around £800,000 per year.

Guernsey's States Members are being asked to agree to the project, as long as an agreement is reached with Alderney's government on their contribution to the cost.

Deputy Peter Ferbrache, the President of Guernsey's Policy and Resources Committee, said:

"We are two islands but we are also one bailiwick, and the interests of the two communities are closely interlinked. Our air links provide a vital lifeline, and this investment in Alderney Airport will safeguard its key connection to the rest of the bailiwick and to the outside world, which are crucial to the island’s continued prosperity and wellbeing and our shared financial resilience given the anticipated significant reduction in the cost of the PSO to Guernsey taxpayers."

Deputy Peter Roffey, the President of the States Trading Supervisory Board, says Alderney's runway requires 'major' work to put right:

"In 2019 the States of Guernsey agreed to a significant investment which would have addressed the condition of the current runway. Having revisited the business case, and taken account of all current factors, the STSB and P&RC, along with our colleagues in Alderney, have concluded that a more significant refurbishment would deliver greater benefits and better value for money."