'Gaps' and 'duplication' found in Guernsey and Alderney's mental health services

The review recommends that adult mental health services at the Oberlands Centre be rebranded to become 'Guernsey Specialist Mental Health Services'. Credit: ITV CHANNEL TV

A review into mental health services in Guernsey and Alderney has found 'gaps' and 'duplication' in some areas, despite generally 'well resourced' services.

David Gedze, a mental health social worker, has published his second review into the islands' care of patients with mental health disorders.

His first review, published in 2018, said the services "provided a wide range of clinical interventions to meet the needs of the populations."

The second report states: "Mental health and wellbeing services in the Bailiwick are well resourced but I have identified some duplication in areas and gaps in others.

"As I expected, the experiences of service users and their families varied with some people feeling that services had failed them completely. Others had more positive or mixed experiences.

"I am pleased to see that all the recommendations I made in 2018/2019 have been implemented or are underway (with only those delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic outstanding)."

Mr Gedze recommends that adult mental health services based at the Oberlands Centre in Guernsey be rebranded to 'Guernsey specialist mental health services'.

He says that, whilst the centre provides high-specialised services for those with the most complex needs, people assume it provides support for all mental health needs. The rebrand, he suggests, could clarify the centre's role.

The review also recommends a mental health and wellbeing strategy group for Guernsey and Alderney to bring together all the organisations which provide mental health support.

Mr Gedze suggests that the group would improve links and communication between the organisations, reducing the risk of gaps in mental health services.