Income tax reduced and pricier pints in Guernsey from 2023

Some alcoholic drinks on a bar.
The change in alcohol duty will add 17p to a bottle of wine and 4p to a pint of beer. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A higher tax threshold of £13,025, and a 7.5% increase in alcohol duty, are among the proposals in Guernsey's new budget for 2023.

That will add 17p to a bottle of wine and 4p to a pint of beer.

The duty on motor fuel will also rise as part of the plans. Increasing by 4.6p per litre to 80.9p, it is expected to generate an extra £1.2 million a year for the government.

All tobacco products are set to become more expensive - the average packet of twenty cigarettes will soon cost £6.95, an increase of 69p.

The budget includes a number of proposals which the government hopes will make the housing market more accessible:

  • A scheme to encourage downsizing

  • Introducing a penalty for unoccupied and derelict properties

  • Keeping the £3,500 maximum interest rate relief

  • No increase in property tax on all domestic properties with a Tax on Real Property rating under 200

The Health and Social Care Committee will receive an extra £24 million, bringing its total budget to more than £200 million.

Some of this money will help Guernsey deal with the pressures of having an ageing population, with £7 million specifically going towards providing services to older people.

On increasing the money going towards older people, the government said: "We will support those in need of care, but we must recognise that care needs resources which come at a significant cost."