Operation Basalt: 80 years since Sark raid saw Nazi soldier captured by British troops

Commandos landing on Sark in the dead of night, climbing up cliffs and capturing a German prisoner may sound like a great plot for a book or film, but it's what actually happened 80 years ago on 3 October 1942.

Operation Basalt involved twelve British troops with just one mission - to grab an unsuspecting Nazi soldier and bring him back for interrogation.

It was a success, although the news that three German soldiers were killed in the process ended up reaching Hitler.

He was reportedly so angry to hear what happened that he introduced the infamous Commando Order.

This instructed his army to kill any Allied commandos they encountered immediately, even if the soldiers surrendered or weren't in uniform.

A reenactment of the famous operation took place on the island to mark the anniversary. Credit: ITV Channel Television

A reenactment of the famous operation took place on the island to mark the anniversary on Monday 3 October.

Soldiers, clad in full uniform and army paint, scaled one of the island's cliffs in a quiet procession much like those brave soldiers did 80 years ago.

Among those attending the event was Simon Wood whose uncle, Major Geoffrey Appleyard, led the Second World War raid:

"I've grown up with Geoffrey, not as part of my life, but 'as' part if you follow me," he said.

"He obviously meant a lot to my Mother, she used to talk about him and coming over here today and seeing this and being a part of it today is something very, very special," he added.