Rustling feathers: Brazen birds spotted stealing from Jersey supermarket

  • Phil Wellbrook has been investigating why some products have been flying off the shelves...

While stories of sunbathers having their ice creams stolen by sneaky seagulls are nothing new in the Channel Islands, one particular flock has been ganging up in town, taking their cunning plan to pilfer food to a whole new level.

Footage of the birds' daylight robbery has been widely shared on social media, with the brazen bunch taking turns to steal sausages, sandwiches and chocolate bars from the supermarket shelves.

Staff at Morrisons at Castle Quay in St Helier say it is always the same story - the calculating birds bide their time and wait outside until they feel ready to make their move and nab some food.

One passer-by caught one of the seagulls in the act on video. He said he'd heard about the actions of the birds in the area and wanted to see it for himself.

Wildlife expert, Mick Dryden, is unsurprised to hear about the ongoing stand-off. He explained the birds' brazen behaviour:

"Man has taken away most of their original habitat and original food sources so they're having to find other ways to feed themselves and this is obviously one of them.

"So it must be a learned behaviour but how they've learned it is just down to their cleverness really."