Jersey Community Foundation gives £45,000 to support local food banks and charities

£10,000 grants have been given out to the Salvation Army, Grace Trust and St Vincent de Paul. Credit: PA

Three local charities have received £10,000 in grants from the Jersey Community Foundation.

The Salvation Army, Grace Trust and St Vincent de Paul have all benefited from the Ann Alice Rayner Fund, which the JCF operates.

The charity also donated £15,000 to Community Savings.

The JCF says the chosen charities are all "lifelines to the poorest in our community" which have seen an increase in demand for their services.

All the money will go towards emergency supplies like electricity vouchers, personal hygiene and baby products, as well as replenishing shelves at Jersey's food banks.

The Jersey Community Foundation's CEO, Anna Terry, explains how the fund works:

"The Ann Alice Rayner Fund, of which these charities have recently benefited, was set up to provide ‘pecuniary relief to needy persons residing in Jersey. At JCF we work in partnership with organisations that have specialist knowledge and experience within the community to ensure that funding is spent wisely and consciously. We have no doubt that each of these worthy recipients will see the funds allocated where they are needed most."