Sark proposes new non-profit electricity supplier as power struggle continues

Talks broke down between Chief Pleas and Sark Electricity Limited over a £2 million asking price for the company, so the government decided to set up its own. Credit: ITV Channel Television

Sark's power struggle has taken another twist as the island's government announced plans to create its own electricity company.

Chief Pleas pulled out of buying the current supplier Sark Electricity (SEL), blaming poor infrastructure for their decision not to agree to the £2 million asking price.

It instead wants to form a separate energy company and is offering the contract out to tender.

The proposed supplier would be run as a non-profit and owned by the people of Sark.

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Sark Electricity says it has no intention of shutting up shop, so there could potentially be two utility companies for the 500 residents to choose from.

However, the government says they could come back to the negotiating table if SEL is willing to negotiate on price.