Taskforce tackling violence against women and girls launched in Jersey

A 'Share Your Story' survey allows anyone aged 18 and over to share their experiences of violence against women and girls in Jersey Credit: Government of Jersey

An independent taskforce has been launched to tackle gender-based violence against women and girls (VAWG) in Jersey.

Under the direction of the Home Affairs Minister, Deputy Helen Miles, the taskforce will collect testimonies from those affected by all forms of violence against women.

VAWG is any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm to women of any age.

It includes threats of those acts, coercion or the holding of a woman without consent in public or private life.

Deputy Helen Miles says the launch of the taskforce is 'fundamental' to Jersey's progress in tackling violence towards women and girls. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Islanders can share their experiences up until 10 December 2022, when the findings will be analysed and presented in a report in April 2023.

There are three ways that islanders can have their say on violence against women and girls in Jersey.

A survey, which can be found here, allows anyone to contribute their views and opinions, regardless of their sex and experiences of gender-based violence.

A 'Share Your Story' testimony submission point is for anyone with experience of violence against women and girls to share what they have been through, and to make their own recommendations for reform.

The heat map allows people to locate specific places where they walk and feel unsafe. Credit: Government of Jersey

The taskforce have also created an online safety heatmap which gives islanders the opportunity to identity places across the island where they do not feel safe, explain why and suggest how the Government can improve that particular location.

A separate piece of research will be conducted by the taskforce alongside specialist support service providers, children and young people, and victims and survivors to produce a more in-depth report.

Kate Wright, Independent Chair of the taskforce, says: “I’m proud to be the Chair of such an important group, an issue I am personally passionate about tackling, and believe we have a real opportunity to influence how future generations understand and experience this type of abuse.

"I would encourage all Islanders who are willing and able, to share their views and experience through the call for evidence. The taskforce has already met and we are all agreed that input from Islanders is fundamental to how successful we are at driving forward this important piece of work.”