Jersey pair embark on two-month cross-Atlantic rowing challenge

  • Sophie Dulson reports...

Two men from Jersey are about to embark on one of the world's toughest rowing races across the Atlantic.

Peter Wright and Steve Hayes are gearing up to race 3,000 miles across the Atlantic from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua.

The challenge is estimated to take around two months to complete with the men tackling waves measuring up to 20ft high and spending the entire 60 days living, sleeping and rowing in the small boat.

The row will be 3,000 miles and will finish in Antigua. Credit: ITV Channel Television

There has not been a Jersey team competing in the race for 20 years meaning Peter and Steve believe it will be a monumental challenge.

Peter says: "to be living on a boat this small for 50 to 60 days is going to be extremely tough if it was just on land.

"to be out at sea with all the physical exertion, the calorie deficit, it's just a monumental challenge and I think that's why it's labelled as the toughest race."

The challenge goes over both Christmas and New year and, for Steve, his daughter's sixteenth birthday.

He says: "Hopefully the inspiration she gets from knowing that her Dad's out there you know doing battle with the ocean and sort of pushing limits, pushing boundaries, hopefully, that inspires her for many many years to come.

"She'll actually remember her 16th and that year when Dad was away on the rowing boat and she was following the tracker online from home."

The Jersey pair will embark on their challenge in December. Credit: ITV Channel Television

The Jersey pair are aiming to raise £50,000 for Durrell and Macmillan and once the challenge is completed, they are selling the boat used to get them across the Atlantic with all the proceeds going to the two charities.