Jersey's Chief Minister doesn't rule out return to Overdale hospital plans

Deputy Kristina Moore said the government will wait for the findings of a review before making any decisions, but the new hospital may yet be built at Overdale. Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey's Chief Minister has not walked away from plans to build the island's new hospital at Overdale.

Speaking at her first scrutiny hearing since becoming Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore faced questions on several issues, including whether the previous government's plans to build on the Overdale site were indeed off the table.

It comes after the Infrastructure Minister told ITV News that the government had 'no choice' but to scrap the £800+ million proposals in their current form as they were 'too big and too expensive'.

  • Last month, Deputy Tom Binet told ITV News the government had to 'turn its back' on the previous plans

In response to Deputy Tom Binet's comments, Deputy Moore said: "I think he was talking about the increased costs and the fact that if that project were to continue we'd have to be going back to the Assembly to ask for more money and it's our view that money is going to be very difficult to find."

Pushed on whether it is will be "difficult? Or impossible?" to see the Overdale plans go ahead with the projected costs, the Chief Minister said: "I like to believe there's always a way but I think it might be very difficult."

Deputy Moore explained that the government will wait for the findings of a review into the project that is due back on Tuesday 1 November before making any decisions - but did admit that it could suggest the current plans are the best way forward.

The Chair of Jersey's Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel Deputy Sam Mézec said: "The hearing raised concerns that the views of government ministers on the Our Hospital Project are not aligned.

"Given the vast scope and funding allocated to it, we would like to see further clarity on the government’s current position on the project."