Improving Jersey-France relations 'top priority' as ministers plan visit

  • Speaking in French, Deputy Philip Ozouf explains the importance of Jersey's relationship with France.

Jersey's External Relations Minister says creating stronger ties with France is "a top priority".

Speaking in French, Deputy Philip Ozouf explains that he will be travelling to the country with Chief Minister Deputy Kristina Moore and Economic Development Minister Deputy Kirsten Morel.

Deputy Ozouf explained: "Our island sits within sight of the Norman and Breton coast. They are our cousins. Our common heritage is still evident. The French language is as important today as ever."

The politicians will take part in a series of cultural and political events in Rennes and Paris before attending the Normandy Summit in Caen - an annual meeting that looks at how lower Normandy and the Channel Islands can work closely together.

Relations were strained last year in a dispute over fishing licences, with French boats blockading St Helier's Harbour.

It came after authorities in Jersey rejected some applications for French vessels to fish in the island's waters.

Jersey ministers have met French politicians several times since to try and build a closer relationship between the two countries.