Carers in Jersey call for further support as cost of living soars

Carers in Jersey are calling for further government support as agencies struggle with rising costs of care.

Managers and those trying to receive care say the waiting list to receive government funding can be months - leaving some in a difficult position if they cannot afford care while they wait and others being turned down by some agencies altogether.

Care agencies say the current level of funding they receive from Jersey's government for their 'Long Term Care' clients, does not cover the cost to provide them with sufficient and proper care.

Dr Margaret Bayes MBE, Chair for Carers Jersey said the current cost of living crisis is only making the situation worse for carers in Jersey.

"Everything is going up and these benefits for those using Long Term Care, have got to go up as well because it's going to cost more to look after them - and they must be looked after."

Dr Margaret Bayes MBE, Carers Jersey Credit: ITV Channel

Marisa Burrows looks after her husband full-time, working up to 160 hours a week.

She said: "It's always down to money at the end of the day. If they're doing the amazing roles they do, to cover everybody, they should be paid the decent money."

Jersey's Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore, visited Marisa and her husband Jaison in July 2022 after Marissa wanted to show first hand the work carers in the community do.

Despite that visit, Marisa told ITV News that promises are still being broken.

She said: "We are doing better, with people like 'Carers Jersey' and others stepping in. But some, have offered promises that they don't follow through with. They just blame everyone else instead of fixing it."

Jaison and Marisa Burrows Credit: ITV Channel

However, since the visit some changes have been made and Marisa has been able to have a temporary carer help her husband and give her some time off.

Jaison Burrows said: "Since Kristina Moore came up to see us, I managed to get into respite at last. So when my wife went away, I had a fantastic holiday, they really looked after me."

  • Jaison Burrows

Margaret Senior is a full time carer for her husband, who has Alzheimer's, and told ITV News that the quality of care on the island that is needed, is just not there.

Margaret Senior is a full time carer, despite being in her 80s. Credit: ITV Channel

She said: "It's very challenging. I can't find a carer to look after him where his needs are met.

"We've been married 58 years next week, so it's not a job, I love him and I don't mind looking after him. But sometimes it's a bit taxing if I haven't had a good nights sleep myself.

"I think the government treats carers poorly. They could do better. They need to put themselves in the carers shoes, to find out what it's like."