Police track down leaking vehicle which caused chaos on Jersey roads

Police have located and spoken to the owner of a vehicle which spilt diesel on many of Jersey's roads last Friday. Credit: ITV Channel Television

A leaking commercial vehicle which is linked with at least four accidents on Jersey's roads last week has been tracked down by Police.

Motorists on various roads in St Helier, and even as far out as St John and St Mary, reported skidding out of control because of fuel spilt on the road surface.

Jersey Police has confirmed to ITV News that the diesel-leaking vehicle has been located, and the owner - who was unaware of the leak - had been spoken to.

A motorcyclist had to be taken to A&E after crashing at Haute Croix, while two others came off their bikes on Midvale Road and St Mark's Road.

Two cars also crashed on Wellington Road, but the drivers weren't injured.

Officers say it is now an insurance matter for those involved.