Jersey's government marks 100 days in office

Today marks 100 days that Jersey's current government has been in office. Credit: ITV Channel

Today (20 October) marks 100 days since Jersey's new government has been in office.

When she was sworn in as Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore said she wanted to achieve 18 objectives within her government's first 100 days.

On 1 September, the Chief Minister said the government was on track to achieve 16 of them, with the other two in progress.

In July 2022 she set out her plans, which were:

  • Address the cost of living crisis by proposing a mini-budget that brings forward a suite of measures to deliver targeted support to islanders ahead of Winter.

  • Undertake a project to set out how islanders can better engage with the government, what information is available and how we can improve.

  • As set out among the Children's Commissioner's many fine proposals, including the need to involve young people in policy formulation and decision making. The Children's minister will bring forward proposals on that basis.

  • On the same point, we need to ensure that older people are being listened to and heard. We will establish the Older Persons Living Forum with the Chief Minister to hear first-hand the issues facing pensioners and older people across our island.

  • Hasten our progress towards a living wage for all, by lifting the minimum wage to £10 per hour. We need to recognise that the island must remain competitive in international markets, for example, in agriculture.

  • Support small businesses facing outstanding repayment requests under the co-funded payroll scheme. An appeal process must be introduced. The majority of these cases are genuine and should be treated with sensitivity.

  • Create a Cabinet Office to coordinate the work of government and strengthen collective decision-making.

  • Introduce limits on the number of houses that can be built over 3000 square feet for a period of time in order to focus on tackling the housing crisis.

  • Appoint an Assistant Minister tasked with conducting an evidence-based review to respond within 100 days and advise the Assembly whether changes can be made to the hospital project to deliver a more affordable and appropriate alternative. This review will take place in no more than 100 days and will report back to the States Assembly by 20 October 2022.

  • Establish a public service ombudsperson.

  • Introduce legislation and funding to ensure that school children have access to one meal a day in school.

  • Bring forward propositions to create prefabricated homes to help address the island housing crisis.

  • Create a People & Skills Commission which will monitor the population, availability of accommodation, skills gaps and employment opportunities.

  • Reorganise government departments to provide for direct accountability of Ministers.

  • Introduce a proposition to deliver free sanitary products.

  • All Ministers will finalise their plans for the coming year and present their plan to the States Assembly.

  • Open constituency offices.

  • Put in place a plan to open a Cultural Centre, celebrating our cultural identities and bringing islanders together."

The Chief Minister has said that long-term priorities will be "devised and communicated" in October 2022.

You can watch our full interview with Jersey's Chief Minister at 18:00 tonight (20 October) on ITV Channel.