Minister approves one-off cost of living payment for Jersey students

Jersey's student maintenance grants will increase in line with the cost of living this year. Credit: PA

All higher education students from Jersey will receive a one-off payment from the island's government to help them with the cost of living.

The Education Minister, Deputy Inna Gardiner, says the December grant will be given to all students who are studying off-island, as well as those studying in Jersey but living on their own.

Around 1,500 students who are eligible for maintenance grants will also see those increase in line with the cost of living this year.

The grants will go up by a further 7.2% to 10.1%, to help students who are struggling with rising prices both in Jersey and in the UK. They already increased by 2.9% at the start of the academic year.

Under Jersey's student finance system:

  • Students whose parents earn less than £90,000/year have fees and some maintenance costs paid for.

  • Students whose parents earn up to £199,999/year can have some tuition fees covered on a sliding scale.

Deputy Gardiner explained the rise: "We provide maintenance grants to support the cost of going to university so that students, including those from lower-income families, receive assistance with costs of further study.

"I am grateful for the support of the Council of Ministers, the Chief Minister and the Minister for Treasury and Resources in delivering this targeted and prompt measure this year."

The Minister is due to sign an order increasing the payments in early November to ensure students receive the extra funds by the end of the year.