Alderney Airport runway expected to reopen by lunchtime

The defect was found under the runway's surface during routine inspections. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Flights to and from Alderney airport are expected to resume by lunchtime today (Thursday).

Repairs to fix part of the runway that had collapsed were completed yesterday afternoon and it is hoped the concrete used to patch the gap settled overnight.

The runway closed after damage to it was discovered during routine inspections on Tuesday.

Residents have been unable to leave the island due to the defect, which was caused by a problem with the material underneath it.

This part of the runway had repairs done before, so a specialist team from the UK was called in to carry out further inspections.

Aurigny cancelled all flights to and from Alderney on Wednesday, and has halted sales until and including Friday 28 October.

Whilst Guernsey Ports explored the idea of Aurigny's Dornier 228 aircraft operating on a shortened length of runway, it was decided to be logistically impossible due to the location of the defect.

There have been attempts to organise alternative methods of transport for passengers who need to leave the island urgently by boat or helicopter.