Jersey looks to India to sort its recruitment problems

  • ITV Channel's Emma Volney joins the Diwali celebrations in St Helier

More workers from India could be brought over to Jersey to plug gaps in healthcare and education, it has been revealed. 

Addressing the staffing crisis was one of the topics of discussion as politicians joined members of the Hindu community to celebrate Diwali at St Helier's Parish Hall. 

Education Minister Deputy Inna Gardiner told ITV News that leaving the European Union had created new opportunities for the island to recruit workers from different countries.

She explained: "I think the conversation is progressing because since Brexit we are open to the world.

"The States Employment Board and our recruitment is looking further afield and India is definitely on the list."

The event was also attended by senior business figures who spoke about the benefits of Jersey turning to India to fill vacancies in the growing digital sector. 

Deep Singh said: "When I was here 15 years ago we were a very small community and we have gone from strength to strength.

"I can see the numbers have gone up which has been contributing to the prosperity of the island, especially doctors, nurses, engineers, and IT professionals."

Responding to a written States question, Health Minister Deputy Karen Wilson revealed her department would be "commissioning NHS Professional to undertake international recruitment in India to fill theatre nurse vacancies". 

There are approximately 400 full-time-equivalent vacancies in health, with Chief Minister Deputy Kristina Moore pledging to provide more adequate accommodation to key workers who relocate to the island.