Chef's top tips for making the most of leftover Halloween pumpkins

  • Chef Joe Baker shows has some creative ideas to make sure your Halloween pumpkin doesn't go to waste

From pumpkin pie to squash soup, there are plenty of ways to dispose of your spooky decorations after Halloween.

We spoke with one Jersey chef, who shared his top tips on how to cook up a spooky storm.

Joe Baker, the head chef and owner of St Helier restaurant, Number 10, said: "We use them a lot in the restaurant, they are delicious.

"The ones we use for carving aren't always the best for eating but you can still make something really delicious."

Credit: ITV Channel

"Pumpkins are always a great ingredient because you can make them with savoury food, but also with sweetness."

Households across the UK and the Channel Islands buy more than 35 million pumpkins each October.

However, after Halloween celebrations are over around 22.2 million end up in landfill.

Joe said his favourite things to make with pumpkins are pumpkin soup, pumpkin gnocchi and pumpkin pie.

Only one in five pumpkins used for decorations are actually used for cooking, leaving the rest to go to waste.

After carving frightening faces onto your pumpkins, what can you do with the flesh?

To make the perfect pumpkin gnocchi, chef Joe Baker suggests roasting the squash in olive oil, before blending it into a puree.

He recommends adding warm spices, such as black pepper, cinnamon and ginger.