Romerils reveal plans to build homes and regenerate retail stores in St Helier

A locally owned homeware store and builders merchant are planning to regenerate their retail stores, head office and car park in St Helier.

Romerils' scheme, developed by local architect Axis Mason, will also produce 94 flats - a proportion of which will be classed as 'affordable.'

Currently, half of the site in Dumaresq and Hue Street is taken up by an open car park.

The remainder is nine old, inefficient buildings with 26,000 square feet of retail floor, storage and their head office.

Mark Syvret, the Romerils Chairman, said: “For many years now, Romerils have been developing plans to contribute to the regeneration of what is a tired part of St Helier.

"We believe the time is now right to proceed with these plans.

"This project will not only enable us to provide an improved retail experience for our customers but also enhance this area of St Helier with an improved public space and much needed accommodation.”

What will the scheme consist of?

  • 3000 square metres of retail space  

  • 94 units of accommodation in apartments

  • Underground parking

  • Romerils head office

  • Creation of public realm space 

Romerils has been trading since the 1950s and employs over 150 staff in retail, distribution, construction and e-commerce industries and trades from two locations in Jersey.

In keeping with the tradition of Romerils local origins and values - and the island’s desire to embrace heritage in local buildings - the company have decided to deal with the challenges of retaining the original frontage of their current building.

Commenting on the key elements of the scheme, Mr Syvret said the regeneration is an investment into retail business across St Helier and "is a clear message of our intention and belief that there is a future in our type of retail."

Location plans for the regeneration project on Hue and Dumaresq Street Credit: Romerils

He continued: "We will continue to invest in our great team of people too, as well as delivering to them better showrooms and working environments.”

In regard to the residential development, Mr Syvret said: “In delivering 94 units ofaccommodation, present regulations dictate we need to be providing at least 15% of these to affordable housing.

"While it is too early to say exactly how many we can make available under the affordable housing scheme, I can say we will be exceeding this requirement, and as many as thefinancial viability allows us to."

View towards Dumaresq/ Hue Street Corner North (plans) Credit: Romerils

Members of the public have been invited to the Town Hall to see and discuss the plans with Romerils' representatives and their architect design team.

There will be two open public consultation meetings in the Town Hall on Wednesday 2 November from 12.30pm to 7pm and Thursday 3 November.