Guernsey residents urged to dispose of fireworks safely ahead of Bonfire Night celebrations

Bonfire Night celebrations will take place across the Channel Islands this weekend.

People in Guernsey are being urged to dispose of fireworks safely as the island gears up for Bonfire Night celebrations.

Guernsey Waste has issued the warning ahead of the annual event in a bid to keep islanders and its workers safe.

Operations Manager, Sarah Robinson said it is also critical that people take precautions when lighting fireworks, as well as getting rid of them when the party is over.

"Fireworks if not dealt with correctly when disposed of, can cause harm to staff handling waste and can also cause fires in collection vehicles or at the sites they end up at," she said.

The States-run company has also advised that anyone who decides to use fireworks should leave them to cool for at least 30 minutes before being soaked in water for at least an hour.

"No matter whether the fireworks were duds, which did not go off, or whether they misfired, were partially spent or completely spent, it is important to soak them in a bucket of water for at least one hour," Ms Robinson added.

Guernsey Waste has also issued the same advice for sparklers and has said that any unused fireworks should not be disposed off in rubbish, but for users to contact the police for advice.

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