Paralympic gold medallist Liz Johnson calls for greater equality for disabled people

Liz Johnson has cerebral palsy and says she wants to open up the conversation around disability. Credit: PA

A decorated former Paralympian has told ITV News that she faces barriers every day due to her disability.

Swimmer Liz Johnson won medals at three successive Games, including gold in the Women's SB6 100-metre breaststroke in Beijing in 2008.

Speaking at an 'Embrace our Difference' event with groups that provide support for those with disabilities in Jersey, she says that there needs to be more open conversations about the obstacles people face.

Johnson explained: "Every single day they'll be situations where you experience exclusion or oversight and it's typically an oversight.

"If you speak to the majority of people, they don't intentionally exclude disabled people but their attention has never been brought to it or they've never had to think about some of the things that exist."

There were stalls by a range of charities and organisations at the event in Jersey to help promote greater inclusion. Credit: ITV Channel News

Johnson adds that she does not want to use a 'blame culture' but instead work to raise awareness and build collaboration.

She said: "I think it's really important for events such as this to take place so that people know it's on the agenda and people know that we want to do something and we want to do it now.

"People want to help but they don't know where to start so this is providing many points of contact.

"It's not one person's responsibility to solve it by themselves, but if we all work together then brilliant things can happen."