Home care services to be withdrawn for some islanders in Guernsey


Dozens of people in Guernsey who rely on care services to help them in their homes will have support reduced or withdrawn due to increasing pressures on staffing levels.

Across the island, 55 people will see a reduction in their care package and in seven cases, home care will be withdrawn altogether.

This decision has been made due to the domiciliary care service being under ‘intense pressure’ with an ageing population and not having enough staff to meet demand.

The committee for Health and Social care says the decision has not been taken lightly.

Deputy Al Brouard, President of the HSC, says: “It is with regret that we have had to change our delivery model for domiciliary care.

“Whilst this is an operational decision that has political support, it is not a decision that has been taken lightly and is one that has been taken after all other options have been exhausted.”

The states currently provide home care to 212 service users across the island with around 30 more people on the waiting list.

Each week, 70 home care calls are being cancelled and there is a waiting list for care at home exceeding 200 hours.

The states say that this reduction in home care services will allow for safe and better-quality care for the existing caseload.

The associate director for adult community care services says services have never been more in demand. Credit: ITV Channel

Karen Leach, associate director for adult community care services says: “Our Community Care services have never been busier or more in demand.

“This is because of the continuing need to provide care to people who wish to live at home and the increasing complexity and frailty of many of the people we care for.”

HSC says the staff shortages in home care services have a knock on effect for hospital admissions and carer responsibilities but it hopes that the reductions will ease pressure for current staff.

Director of operations, Dermot Mullin, says: “Care is at the heart of what we do, and we regret that individuals will potentially experience disruption to their care pathway because of the staffing challenges in all parts of the system.

“Last winter was difficult but we managed to get through it but this winter could be set to be even more difficult primarily due to the reducing numbers of health and social care practitioners and support workers available to attract or recruit.”