Pensioner says 'I'd be better gone' as cost of living continues to soar

Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey's older population say they are continuing to struggle as the cost of living rises, with some saying they'd be better "gone" than continuing to live the way they are.

Dominique Sousa relies on friends and family to help her as her pension is not enough to live.

She said: "You know sometimes I say, 'I wish god take me', I'd be better gone than the way we are struggling."

Many islanders are seeing the impact the rising cost of living is having first hand, with their fridges empty and wearing winter coats indoors.

Dominique Sousa told ITV News it is an issue that is also taking its toll on her family.

She said: "I cry and I say 'why, why, why'.

"It's not only me I mean how many people got nothing to eat? My daughter is struggling and my grandchildren, I worry with that as well."

Islanders who meet the eligibility criteria are also eligible for a Christmas bonus of £84.87 in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

This Christmas bonus is alongside the Cold Weather bonus of £70 per month for between October and March.

Age Concern Jersey open their doors to pensioners who may be struggling to keep the lights on.

But many of those who use their services want Jersey's government officials to attempt to live like they do.

June Tredant, said: "I'd like to see some of them live on the money that we get and see how they'd get on with it. Could they come out and live how we do? On our money? I don't think so somehow."

Margaret Romeril, cares for her disabled partner and is finding it increasingly difficult.

Margaret Romeril Credit: ITV Channel

She said: "What I'm worrying about is the heating.

"I can manage with the food and that but it's the heating that's the problem for us because I've got a disabled partner and he's always cold he had a stroke 16 years, so it's gonna be difficult."

Age Concern Jersey say they have seen a rise in concerns in the elderly population.

With approximately 19,500 pensioners in Jersey, there is concern for the winter ahead.

Paul Simmonds, from Age Concern Jersey said: "People are being very cautious about whether they'll turn their heating on - even down to their lighting and TV's and things like that.

"Sitting at home alone in their thick jumpers and coats and that is a major concern for us and I think we've got a tough few months ahead of us."

Islanders who are concerned with the cost of living can find further information on help here.