Possibility of a new airline on the horizon for Alderney

There is a possibility that a new airline could shortly take to the skies of Alderney.

Alderney Air hopes to bring four new routes and new executive planes to the island in future.

The 'Islander' planes have not flown in Alderney before, but previously the sister model the 'Trislander' was used.

The airline has now applied for a route licence from the States of Alderney.

An improved network would mean direct flights to the other islands including Jersey, as well as France and the UK, as well as a potential faster service for medivacs.

If the airline's application is successful, the medical plane would be based in the island as a dedicated patient transfer service and therefore it could be used in much poorer weather.

With the future of Alderney's airport and runway soon to be debated in the States of Guernsey, the airline has looked into the challenges they may face if they set up the new routes.

Alex Cray, Airline Operations Controller said: "Alderney is a very unique case.

"It's a great little island with a great population on it, but it has a very unique challenge in that it's difficult to get to, it's a limited size, we're dealing with limited infrastructure and we really think there's an opportunity to improve the network from what it is at the moment."

Potential destinations on the new Alderney Air routes. Credit: ITV Channel

Three of the potential fleet were flown to Guernsey today (9 November), to showcase their capabilities to politicians.

Joe Mooney, from the Guernsey Aviation Group said: "Quite a number of Deputies are turning up today and tomorrow just to see and look at the goods.

"So for me looking at what we have here today, you get the goods and not the story.

"We've had loads of stories in the past and what people could do with certain amounts of money, but as I said, this is quite exciting."