A pair of sloths are among the latest furry residents to arrive at Jersey Zoo

A pair of sloths have arrived at Jersey Zoo.

Rio and Terry - who are Linne's two-toed sloths - moved into their home at the zoo's 'Cloud Forest' on 20 October, where they now live alongside the Andean bears, howler monkeys and bush dogs.

The sloths, which are native to South America, usually live in lowland tropical forests and spend nearly all of their time in trees.

Rio has moved from Bristol Zoo, while Terry has come over from ZSL London Zoo.

The pair have spent the last few weeks getting used to each other and their new enclosure.

They have been bought over as part of the European Breeding Programme and it is hoped that they will breed together.

A sloth’s full stomach can make up two thirds of its body weight Credit: Jersey Zoo

Graeme Dick, Durrell’s director of zoo operations, said: "We're really excited to have slothshere at Jersey Zoo for the first time and know our visitors will love them too."

He added that their enclosure has been designed to give visitors an immersive view into the lives of the sloths, while allowing the animals to move around without the need to touch the floor as they would do in the wild.

"We hope the sloths and our guests will enjoy being transported to the rainforest and learn a little about our conservation projects in Brazil," said Mr Dick.