Cost of living 'driving some young people in Jersey off-island for good'

Some young people in Jersey are moving off-island due to the rising cost of living.

18-year-old Indi Henstridge says she has been left with little other option than to leave Jersey after finishing school. The sixth form student said the cost of living has made so many things "unbearable."

"People are having to move away. They are left with no choice and the fact even affordable housing schemes are not what people consider affordable at all.

"It's very sad to think about. I'd say a lot of people my age, that is what they're considering," she added. While some young people are thinking about leaving the island, others like David Raimbault have already taken the leap.

"A lot of places in the UK are more affordable than Jersey in terms of houses and in terms of job prospects.

"I think if you're in an industry outside of finance then you might have more luck in the UK as well so those are the reasons why I've decided to move to the UK."

For estate agents across the island, this comes as no surprise. They've seen house prices up, mortgage rates up, but the number of homes they're able to sell, down.

Estate Agent Sam Chin said: "Unless you're on a good wage it can be very difficult to buy over here. A studio apartment is around the two hundred and fifty mark which in the UK would you buy you a two or three bed house." However, as costs increase, some people's wages are slowly doing the same. And a local recruiter says it might be advisable to just start small and work one's way up.

Recruiter Lee Madden added: "Some people think they can parachute in at a higher level and the reality is for our youth that's not always going to be the case.

"Sometimes there's an exception to the rule but you've got to learn your trade and you've got to be willing to start at a level where you can then earn as you progress through." Jersey's government insist they're making an active push to try and keep young people from moving off island.