Jersey's hosepipe ban lifted after heavy rain replenishes the island's reservoirs

Jersey Water says restrictions might have to be brought back next year if the winter is dry. Credit: PA

Jersey's hosepipe ban has been lifted with immediate effect.

The heavy rainfall at the start of the month has led to a 7% increase in the reservoir's storage in seven days, bringing the level above the 10-year average.

This also means the island's desalination plant, which has produced millions of litres of fresh water since it was turned on in August, will be turned off this week.

Jersey Water's Chief Executive, Helier Smith, warned that current forecasts suggest that the winter will be drier than usual, meaning restrictions might return next year:

"The effect of the restrictions coupled with the operation of the desalination plant has meant that we have been able to conserve water resources during what has been an exceptionally dry period.

"It is now the right time to lift the restrictions as the effects of the hosepipe ban are much lower during the winter due to less garden watering taking place."

He also asked islanders to be "mindful of the need to preserve water resources by not wasting water."

"Current forecasts suggest that the winter will be drier than normal and with groundwater sources depleted during the drought, there is the real risk of the need for further restrictions in the spring and summer should resources not fully recover or if there are further periods of hot weather or drought. We will continue to monitor the situation closely over the coming months."