UK officers brought over to ease Guernsey Police staff shortages

A shortfall in Guernsey's police force is being bolstered by the support of several UK officers.

The force is operating below the minimum number of 150 frontline officers, with some having to work overtime to fill gaps in rosters.

But this week the situation has eased, after six UK officers - who usually protect a nuclear site - were sworn into the island's police team.

PC Penfold, one of the officers, said: "My day to day job back home in Dungeness would be a counter terrorism role primarily, so it would be within the community, but it's very restricted as a firearms officer to protecting the site.

"Whereas over here it's community policing, so normal bobbies on the beat as you were, it's something we don't usually do."

The officers will be in the island over the next six weeks, supporting Guernsey's ranks during the busy festive period.

While Guernsey Police say they won't be relying on secondments in the long term, it does help to boost resources within day to day policing.

Chief Officer of Guernsey Police, Ruari Hardy, said: "These seconded officers have been brought in to provide support to frontline staff, because currently 20 per cent of the team are probation officers."

Already, a further recruitment drive is under way, with Chief Officer Hardy admitting the force is still about 12 officers short.

He said: "That's why this most recent campaign has been launched and it does take time and we are in a competitive labour market here in Guernsey.

"I think we can offer people a unique, fascinating career and one where they work with a fantastic team doing some really rewarding work."