Ministers face questions from islanders over future of Jersey hospital plans

Ministers will be quizzed by islanders over the decision to abandon the previous government's hospital plans. Credit: Government of Jersey

Ministers will be taking questions from islanders this evening over the decision to scrap the previous plans for Jersey's new hospital.

A recent government review recommended a two-site facility instead of building at Overdale, claiming it would be "too big and expensive".

The Chief Minister, Kristina Moore, and Infrastructure Minister, Tom Binet, will be among the politicians in attendance.

Deputy Lyndon Farnham - who championed the previous hospital plans - tells ITV News he will be in the audience this evening.

The former Deputy Chief Minister is one of the most vocal critics of the decision to scrap the plans.

Deputy Farnham called the review "vague, light on detail and presented little evidence to support its findings which were almost wholly subjective."

The Q&A session is taking place from 7pm until 8.30pm. You can watch it here: