Guernsey YouTuber wins $2.5m private jet for his siblings

Harry and his fellow competitors had to do challenges whilst making sure they never lost contact with the plane. Credit: MrBeast

A Guernsey YouTuber has won a private jet in a competition against ten other influencers.

Harry Lewis is a member of the YouTube group 'The Sidemen', and took part in the competition organised and filmed by the world's most popular content creator 'MrBeast'.

The 12 competitors had to keep their hands on the $2.5m private jet for as long as possible whilst completing various challenges.

Jersey YouTuber Chris Dixon, known as 'ChrisMD' online, also competed against Harry and made it to the final six until he took his hand off the plane's window.

Chris MD was kicked out of the competition when the other YouTubers noticed he had forgotten the rules of the game. Credit: Mr Beast

The jet had taken to the air when Chris, who has 5.7 million subscribers, took his eye off the ball whilst vlogging the experience.

When the competition got down to the final two, it was Harry who emerged victorious as YouTuber 'GeorgeNotFound' slightly lifted his fingers off the jet.

Harry chose to surprise his brother Josh and sister Rosie with the prize.

Josh was ecstatic to receive the prize from his brother. Credit: Mr Beast

This competition was one of many organised by MrBeast, who has the most YouTube subscribers in the world at 112 million.

He has previously given $500,000 to a random subscriber after he stayed inside a giant circle for 100 days.

During the challenge to win the jet, MrBeast took the competitors up in the aircraft, beginning at Southend Airport and doing a full loop to end up back where they started.

The content creator claims that he offset the carbon emissions from the filming of this video, including the transportation of the YouTubers and the private jet, tenfold.