New one-way roads, pavements and 20mph speed limits proposed in Trinity

Trinity active travel
The junction at the top of Trinity Hill is among the roads which could be redeveloped. Credit: Government of Jersey

New one-way roads, 20mph areas and pavements are among the changes proposed for rural Trinity.

It follows a public consultation revealed a lack of safe pedestrian routes and the speed of passing vehicles were among parishioners' top concerns.

321 islanders responded to an 'Active Travel' consultation last year, with 30 residents coming to an in-person event on Saturday 5 November.

Pedestrian improvements around Trinity have been suggested. Credit: Government of Jersey

Four options were proposed - including reducing speed limits, making roads more suitable for pedestrians, visually enhancing the area, or making no changes at all.

An online consultation is open for parishioners to give their say on which plans should be pursued.

Some of the possible options include Trinity include new 20mph speed limits, additional pavements and pedestrian crossings as well as traffic calming measures.

Changes to bus stop locations and some one-way roads to make space for walking paths are also options that parishioners can consider.

La Rue au Sellier, the road running up past Acorn Enterprises, could become one-way with a new seperate area for pedestrians. Credit: Government of Jersey

The improvement board is supporting active travel as part of Jersey's response to the climate emergency.

The consultation is open now and closes on 16 December.