Holidaymaker claims ghost 'tugged her hair' in Guernsey's Underground Hospital

  • Kate Prout explores Guernsey's Underground Hospital - a WW2 complex stretching a mile and a half underground.

A holidaymaker from Kent is said to have encountered a spooky surprise on a recent visit to Guernsey's Underground Hospital.

Jennifer Harris claims she felt a 'ghost' tug on her hair while exploring the attraction. She initially blamed it on her sister and mother who were with her at the time.

Staff at the Underground Hospital say Ms Harris's 'paranormal' encounter is the first time a 'mysterious orb' has been captured on camera while in the tunnels.

Staff at the attraction say the holidaymaker captured a 'mysterious orb' on camera. Credit: Guernsey Underground Hospital

The tunnels were built during the Second World War when the Channel Islands were occupied by Nazi forces.

The Hohlgangsanlage 40 tunnel complex - which runs a mile and a half underground - remained virtually untouched for years.

Despite the 'Underground Hospital' name, the site was barely used as a wartime health facility. 23 people died building it in 1944, just a year before the Channel Islands were liberated on 9 May 1945.

Staff at the tunnels say visitors have often reported feeling as though 'a ghostlike figure' is with them.

Guernsey's Underground Hospital Manager, Justine Mullard says: "I have seen some odd things and smelt some things. People do come here for paranormal events but also for the history side too."