Parents drive 120 miles for baby with melon-sized tumour to have chemotherapy

A mother from Bedfordshire says she is having to drive 120 miles each week so that her baby can be treated for a rare form of cancer.

Born in June, Mylah-Mae was found to have a tumour the size of a small melon growing inside of her.

She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma - a condition that affects just 100 children in Britain every year.

For four rounds of chemotherapy and regular checks, Mylah-Mae's mother Danielle Moore says she is having to drive from their Dunstable home to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge.

She explained: "It works out at about £150 just to take her for her chemotherapy, then there's parking on top and then if you need to eat there as well, it does all add up but when it's your child you don't have any choice."

Danielle wants to raise awareness so that other parents who may be going through a similar experience know they are not alone and that support is out there.

Mylah-Mae's great-uncle Stephen Moore has been inundated with donations and requests to make more woolly hats. Credit: ITV Channel News

Mylah-Mae's great-uncle Stephen Moore, based in Jersey, has started knitting woolly hats to bring in donations for the parents' travel costs.

From an initial target of £300, the JustGiving fundraiser has brought in more than £1,600 within a week.

Stephen currently has a waiting list of 60, with some people willing to donate money without getting a hat as he battles the backlog of orders.

He said: "They're doing all the hard work, we're just trying to do a little bit here and it's amazing what the people of Jersey do.

"There are people I don't know that have donated, people have sent me little cards with a few quid in them.

"I'm going to carry on until everyone is done but I might be here for a little while I think."