Warning labels could be added to low-quality food imported from the UK to Jersey

Jersey is unable to stop these products from entering the supermarkets, but it could warn customers before they buy. Credit: PA Images

An amendment to Jersey's Draft Food Law is calling for special labels to be printed on low-quality food items.

Before Brexit, produce such as chlorinated chicken was banned. Under new trade arrangements, Jersey has been unable to prevent these foods from being imported.

Labels would be added at Jersey customs to inform customers of what they are buying.

The stickers would show the customer that particular items are 'low-welfare', allowing people to make their own decisions on what they buy.

Labelling products does come with additional costs and resources, and this will make up part of the debate by the states next week (13 December).

The amendment will be debated alongside the original law which aims to regulate food to protect human health and consumers' interests in Jersey.