Guernsey Post prices to rise as company makes first financial losses in 11 years

A guernsey post van.
The company's CEO says increased costs means Guernsey Post is loss-making for the first time in more than a decade. Credit: ITV Channel

The cost of sending a letter or parcel from Guernsey will be going up again in the new year.

Guernsey Post says it is having to increase prices from 5 January 2023, following a £4 million increase in the charges it has to pay to Royal Mail over the last three years combined with rising shipping costs to and from the bailiwick.

The postal service provider estimates the increased charges will work out to around an extra 13p a week for islanders, based on the average household postal spend of £1.25 a week.

The company's CEO, Boley Smillie, said: “We have done and will continue to do everything we can to improve our efficiency, but even with these changes the company will move into a short-term loss-making position for the first time in 11 years."

"Our trading position has become much more challenging in the context of high inflation, and some unprecedented increases in costs from our suppliers. We have a clear plan and this loss-making position will be short-term as we work on ways to improve our efficiency."