Search for missing fishermen whose boat sank after freighter collision to be called off

Phil Wellbrook went to meet some people who know the two Filipino fishermen on board the L'Ecume when it sank.

A two-day search and rescue mission to track down three missing fishermen whose boat sank on Thursday morning is to be called off at sunset.

Jersey Coastguard says "all possible rescue activities will have been exhausted" by the end of the day.

It continues saying: "we are aware that this is very difficult for friends and family of the men, and we extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected by this tragic incident."

The L'Ecume II, a Jersey-registered fishing boat, is believed to have sunk off the island's northwest coast after colliding with the Commodore GoodwillCondor Ferries' freight ship at around 5:30am on Thursday 8 December.

The fishing boat's skipper, Michael 'Mick' Michieli, and two members of his crew were on board at the time of the collision.

Lifeboats and fellow fishermen have spent two days on the water in an attempt to find the three men.

Jersey Coastguard is continuing to coordinate the search and rescue effort this afternoon but says it will be called off once the sun goes down this evening.