Church services held across the Channel Islands to offer support to Jersey

Credit ITV Channel TV
Jersey's Town Church have invited islanders to lay candles in Jersey. Credit: ITV Channel Television

The Town Churches in Jersey and Guernsey have held special services after flats were destroyed in an explosion in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Guernsey's town church held a service for people to express feelings of deep loss shared with Jersey.

Members of the congregation also wrote messages of condolence in a card that will be sent to Jersey's Town Church.

Reverend Peter Graysmith says: "Our hearts go out to them, our thoughts and prayers are with them because it must be horrific for the island, for the emergency services, but most of all the families and the people affected."

In Jersey, the Town Church invited islanders to lay candles to pay tribute to those who have been affected by the tragedy.

On Wednesday 14 December, the Dean of Jersey, the Very Reverend Mike Keirle, will lead a vigil service for the island to come together and reflect on the incidents of the week.

Reverend Mike Keirle says: "There's just been an extraordinary response from people who want to help as best they can. One person even said to me, if I could I'd go to the rubble myself and pull it away, because people want to be involved."

The service will also be live streamed meaning islanders can watch it online.