Touching poem urges gratitude and compassion in wake of Jersey flat explosion

  • A reading of the poem which was posted anonymously

A poem, written and posted to social media anonymously, is calling on islanders to be 'thankful', 'mindful' and 'compassionate' in the wake of one of the most difficult weeks in memory.

Shared on the Pier Road Support Group, the piece reflects on the lives lost in the St Helier flat explosion in the early hours of 10 December, as well as the emergency response that continues.

It reads:

Be thankful for each life that is safe,Be mindful for those lost and gone.Have compassion for their family and friends,And for the workers who still carry on.For all the good souls willing to help,Be patient and stand in the wings.Be ready to act when called upon,Many small offerings achieve great things.

Police have now named seven of the nine people feared to have died. Of those, five have been found dead while four others are still unaccounted for.

Peter Bowler (72), Raymond 'Raymie' Brown (71), Romeu and Louise de Almeida (67 and 64), Derek and Sylvia Ellis (61 and 73), and Billy Marsden (62) were among the residents at the Haut du Mont flats on Pier Road.