Guernsey café offers free Christmas dinner to 200 lonely islanders

Bronwen Brown went to see how the café is helping people out this Christmas...

A Guernsey café is providing a free Christmas dinner for people spending the day alone, or those that cannot afford to make one this year.

David and Sue from the Mill Street Community Café want to welcome people in this Christmas to share a meal and enjoy the company of other islanders.

People who want to help cover the cost of the food can buy a 'bauble' from the café's fundraising tree.

The baubles range from £2.50 to cover a hot drink, to £100 which would cover around 20 meals.

The café was set up 10 years ago as a community hub. Credit: ITV Channel

Customers can pick a bauble off the tree and take it to be paid forward at the counter.

David says he wants the café to be seen as a comforting place to spend Christmas:

"It’s designed for people who may want to do something different or for people who might be alone, people that have come into work here and haven’t got their families with them.

"We like to think this is a family home where people come in to see us and share a meal with us on Christmas day."

So far, the fundraising tree has raised £1,000, meaning 200 people could receive a meal on the 25th. Any extra funds will be carried through to 2023.