Volunteers launch appeal to repair the Channel Islands' only working railway

  • ITV News Channel's reporter Kate Prout went along to see the train

Volunteers have launched an appeal to secure the future of the Channel Islands' last surviving railway line after Alderney's only locomotive broke down.

The island's railway has been out of action since September with 'Elizabeth' - the engine bought by the Alderney Railway Society in 1985 - needing to be repaired.

The Alderney Railway line runs along the island's north coast from Braye Road to Mannez Quarry.

Built in the 1840's the railway was vital for the building of the breakwater and the Victorian forts.

However, there's oil leaking from the engine pistons and it isn't fit to pull its two Northern Line carriages along the two mile track.

Neil Burton, Chairman Alderney Railway, said: "We had to stop before the end of the season and now we're consulting with the manufacturer of the engine.

"The engine was built back in 1949 but the manufacturers are still in existence. And we're waiting for one of their engineers to come over and do an in depth investigation into it."

The railway runs along the north of the island, from Braye Road to the terminus near Mannez Quarry. Credit: Alderney Railway Society

The team of volunteers is trying to raise £20,000 to mend the engine and keep the service on track.

So far, volunteers have raised more than £4,000 to fund the necessary repairs and get the railway back up and running.