Kids say the funniest things: Jersey school children tackle big Christmas questions

  • Jess Dunsdon went to test how much the children really know about Father Christmas

How does Santa get into your house if you don't have a chimney? And how old is he? They're questions I'm sure we'd all like to know the answers to.

But a group of school children from Samarès School in Jersey think they've got them all figured out.

So, to enlighten the rest of us, we asked them to share their theories as part of a very special Christmas take on Kids Say The Funniest Things.

Jess didn't hold back in her questioning of the panel. Credit: ITV Channel TV
  • What's the best thing about Christmas?

Among the top answers was spending time with friends and family, giving gifts and, of course, the food.

  • Would you rather get one big present or lots of little presents?

The group were almost unanimously in agreement that lots of little presents would be much better than one big one - mainly because it there would be more toys to play with.

  • How does Santa get into your house if you don't have a chimney?

Some suggestions included through the window and by using a magic key or 'special unlocker'.

School children in Jersey are excited for Christmas. Credit: ITV Channel TV
  • Would you rather work in Santa's workshop as an elf, or be out on the night helping him pull his sleigh?

While the crowd was divided on their answer to this one, one of our interviewees said she'd much rather be Rudolph instead.

  • What's your favourite Christmas carol?

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree and Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer were top hits amongst the youngsters.

  • How old you think Santa is?

"Oh my goodness, thousands of years old," one girl said, adding: "And I do know when his birthday is - the 13th or 15th of March. I googled it."

Well, as they say, every day is a school day!