New Year's Eve: How to keep your pets safe during firework displays

People across the Channel Islands will be bringing in the new year with a firework display. Credit: ITV Channel TV

As the new year approaches, people across the Channel Islands will be preparing for firework displays to celebrate the start of 2023.

However those with pets are being urged to take measures to protect their animals from the loud bangs and flashing lights.

How you can look after your pets this New Year's Eve:

  • Seek advice from your vet if your pet requires stress medication

  • Walk your dog early and keep your cat home so they are not outside during the displays

  • Keep windows, doors and cat flaps locked so your pets stay safely indoors

  • Create a comfortable indoor space with blankets and toys where your pet can hide if they are scared

  • Give your pet reassurance and attention

  • Keep them calm with relaxing music to distract from the loud bangs of fireworks

  • Use a pheromone plug-in to relax your pet

The JSPCA is advising people to take their pets to another parish whilst fireworks are happening near their home, if possible.

Following Bonfire Night in November, a Jersey donkey suffered a suspected heart attack due to 'firework stress'.

A petition was set up which called for fireworks which make a loud 'bang' sound to be banned to protect Jersey's wildlife.

In response, island's home affairs minister Deputy Helen Miles says tighter restrictions will be brought in on the sale of fireworks during her term of office.

In Guernsey, the GSPCA is encouraging people to register any events that will involve fireworks on the States website.

The charity says owners of horses, ponies and donkeys should securely lock up their animals as the noise from fireworks might cause them to bolt.

It also advises people to put a collar with an identity tag on their pet just in case they flee because they are scared.

And anyone organising a private firework display is urged to light them far away from trees where birds are likely to be roosting.

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