Inquests adjourned for ten victims of Jersey explosion

Billy Marsden (top left), Romeu and Louise De Almeida (top centre), Derek and Sylvia Ellis (top right), Raymond (Raymie) Brown (bottom left), Peter Bowler (bottom centre), Ken and Jane Ralph (bottom centre), and Kathleen McGinness (bottom right). Credit: ITV Channel

The inquests into the deaths of ten people who lost their lives following the the Haut du Mont flats explosion in Jersey began today (30 December).

Although they have now been adjourned until some point in the new year while the police investigation into the cause of the blast continues.

No details were shared from today's hearing as it is an active case.

However, it has been confirmed that families can now start to make arrangements for their loved ones' funerals.

10 people lost their lives following the explosion earlier this month. Credit: ITV Channel

Billy Marsden (63), Romeu and Louise De Almeida (67 and 64), Derek and Sylvia Ellis (61 and 73), Raymond (Raymie) Brown (71), Peter Bowler (72) and Ken and Jane Ralph (72 and 71), were among the residents at the Haut du Mont flats on Pier Road which were destroyed in an explosion just before 4am on 10 December.

73-year-old Kathleen McGinness was named as the 10th victim of the explosion on 26 December, after she passed away in hospital on Christmas Day.

Her family say her funeral is likely to take place towards the end of January.

Several investigations are currently taking place, including Jersey Fire & Rescue and Island Energy - Jersey's gas supplier - who are also carrying out their own investigations separate to police.